February 19, 2021

1: No Salary Required

What’s the point then you’re probably asking yourself.

As you’ve probably seen with many Virtual Assistants, either an hourly rate or retainer package is offered.
As an employer, there’s employee taxes, healthcare, recruitment fees, work-space and location costs, some companies even pay for their employee’s travel which can reach into thousands if you’re to commuting to London.

Not to mention employee contracts!

Another way to look at it, VA’s are versatile – they can do pretty much everything; Social media, blogging, website creation, SOE – pretty incredible if you ask me! Some would call this – an IT Guru – imagine having a VA who can do all of this on top of their other administrative and business duties. Most teams nowadays have a PA, a Project Manager and an IT Manager all in their own individual roles – and what does that cost per salary? A LOT! Why have all 3 when you have 1 VA?!

2: Saves Time

Hiring the right employee for your company isn’t easy – there’s a process to follow, a headcount budget, advertising fees… Hire a VA and you can skip a lot of this process by simply hiring one – simples!

3: Flexible Working

A VA works from their office at home saving on commute time and being able to provide flexibility with their hours.
Benefits of this?

You may have heard that some companies are now trying to promote hot desking, flexible working and being able to work from home. Asides that, every company faces budget costs and sometimes this means reviewing people’s roles and their location. Being a VA – no longer have to face the long commute – erghhh train delays suck, wasting an hour here and there just getting to the office – that extra hour can provide so much more productivity at home.

Another benefit is choosing the hours that work for you and your client. So if you’re a parent, this works pretty awesome! You can clock on and off whenever it suits. No more submitting time requests and holidays. Being a VA, in my opinion gives your client much more flexibility – so you may have a client based in the US working on EST times – hey this can still work, you can start your day at 12pm UK if you wanted to (which will be morning in the US) – sounds pretty lovely to me! Plus, we all fall into the trap of working late checking our work emails or logging in – being a VA you are in control and what you decide to put in.

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