March 18, 2020

Running a business is hard work, never mind the organisational side of it, right?! Finding balance can be just as tough and very quickly things get unraveled into a world of chaos.

Just having a few simple steps in place to help organise your chaos can really make life that little bit easier and most of all productive – who can argue with that!? Here I share 5 achievable tips on ways to achieve this:

1) Email
These days we have email ready at our finger tips which is incredible when on the go, BUT this can also lead to emails being missed.

Try to file emails in specific folders, so you have emails to refer to at any given point. Set up email rules to have specific emails sent to their relevant email folder. this is a great to prioritise tasks. For example, I used to create a rule so that all emails from my former boss were flagged as red and generic emails such as newsletters went to a ‘low priority’ or a ‘for reading’ folder. Select rules, found on the taskbar on the home page for Outlook.

2) Tasks
According to research, you will use your time most effectively if you align your most important tasks with peaks in your bio-rhythm. Keep an eye on it to see when you’re feeling most productive. Its also a great way to tackle challenging tasks when we’re at the peak of our bio-rhythm.

3) Keep it clutter-free
Create a healthy work space that encourages you to be organised. Clutter creates a messy head. Find somewhere that offers plenty natural light and add a few personal touches like; positive affirmations, a visual board or even photos of your loved ones, just to boost those motivation levels.

4) List
At the end of every day write a to-do-list for the next day, this way tasks at hand are fresh in your head and come the morning you can just begin without wasting valuable time thinking of what needs doing. If you rushed for time, you can whatsapp yourself a voice note as a reminder or voice note it over to Evernote. I recommend using apps such as; Trello, Wunderlist or Todoist for simple but effective list-management. If you have a team, Slack is also amazing for task activity between teams.

5) Clock
Have a clock in full view, this will be a gentle reminder to not waste time and keep you focused on time scales. Using Toogl is also a good way to track and measure your time, not just for your clients but for yourself – this will measure exactly what you’re doing, how long it takes and helps you to stay focused on that specific task rather then starting something and going onto something else.

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