February 19, 2021

Is procrastination a serious challenge in your life? Admittedly, it can be difficult to do things we don’t want to do. I’ve been here many times in my life.

Even when we know that leaving things too long will create a lot of challenges, and the longer we leave something the harder it will be to motivate ourselves.

Unfortunately, when procrastinating affects your job-related tasks, it has a negative impact on your business but to your well-being too – it’s like the domino effect! Then what comes after that? The rubbish feeling you get knowing that you’ve just wasted so much time procrastinating on something when it could have been done already – know the one?

So how can you kick this annoying tendency to put things off and start getting them done instead?

Try these 7 simple strategies, and let’s kick procrastination’s butt ready for 2020:

1) Schedule when you’re going to do it.

Block time in your calendar for when you’re going to work on the task. This proves to be a lot more effective than just leaving everything up in the air until the right moment seems to present itself. Trust me, I’ve done this myself and it only brings unwanted feelings such as stress and demotivation.

2) Consider scheduling just enough time to get started.

A long, unpleasant task can be very difficult to start. Think, “I’m going to work on this for 20 minutesThat’s fairly doable that you should be able to sit down and get busy. Interestingly, once you get started, you’ll probably spend a lot more than 20 minutes on it. Getting starting is the tough part.

  • Make it as easy to get started as you possibly can.
  • Try to avoid distractions
  • Start first thing in the morning, if possible, to avoid stewing on it.

3) Break the task into smaller parts.

Larger tasks can seem overwhelming. By dividing the task into manageable parts, it will be psychologically easier to tackle the project. It’s easier to do 10 small things than one big thing.

  • For example, once you’ve done five small things, you know that you’ve completed five things, instead of just starting on the one big thing without deriving any sense of accomplishment. So try breaking that task down into smaller bites.

4) Which part is the most dreaded part?

Often there is a small part of the task that is really holding you back. Is it possible to get someone else to take care of that part of the task for you? Can you outsource it a Virtual Assistant? If someone else handles the part you dread, everything else will fall into place.

5) Pick the best time to do it.

We all have times of the day that we’re better at certain tasks. We have times when we’re better at concentrating, others when we’re more creative, and other times when we have more energy. Calculate and follow your biorhythm. What’s the best time for you to tackle the task? When do you feel your most productive? Do you need quiet and privacy? All questions that need to be considered to tackle procrastination.

6) Get what you need to complete it.

Make a list of the tools, supplies, and resources that you’ll need to both begin and complete the task. It’s hard to get started when you know you can’t get finished.

7) Reward yourself!

Give yourself a reward for completing the task. You’ve earned it! It doesn’t have to be anything big, but we all like a little treat now and then. A little additional motivation never hurt anyone. I usually reward myself with a nice cup of tea after and a quick time-out haha! Or even a glass of wine at the end of the day.

Imagine how much better your life would be if you could kick the procrastination’s butt. Unfinished tasks have a profound effect on your sense of well-being and peace of mind. Living with the stress that procrastination can cause isn’t necessary. Start using the tips above and remove the challenge of procrastination from your life. You’ll be so glad you did!

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