February 19, 2021

“How do you come up with so much content every week?” is a question I’m regularly asked.

Despite taking a long break away from social media over the festive period whilst I was away in the Canary Islands with my family, I usually plan my content 3 months in advance, (if not more) so I can relax and know it’s taken care of.

Before planning your social media content, my advice is to try and ensure you’re in the right mindset to do so, be sure to pick a day when you’re feeling the most productive. And, on the days you feel a bit meh you can relax knowing your content is done.

I generally like to listen to a specific type of music or schedule in a walk to be out in nature just before writing content to get my brain endorphins pumping, which in turn helps unlock my creativity. Check-out this article on: 8 Styles of music to help you focus while you write.

Let’s get into the various steps to writing your social media content; follow these 6 simple tips to enable you to plan ahead for the New Year;

  1. Ensure you know the key areas that you want to focus on based on your services or product.
    I usually break mine down into key segments, so for example, if you’re a mindset or lifestyle coach, you may decide that your key areas are; confidence, success, happiness & goal-setting. Once you’ve got your key areas, you now have your content themes for social media to start you off.
  2. Know who your message is for.
    Ok, so you’ve probably heard of the term client avatar or ideal client by now – this is a vital part of business. Without this, there’s no clear direction. If you’re unclear on who you want your message to speak to, try some visualisation work to get to know the type of client you want to work with. Once you have this, your business content should be directed to them -take a look at my website homepage to see an example. Conducting research to find out where your ideal client hangs out on social media is highly recommended too.
  3. Identify your call-to-action.
    This is an absolute must. Think about your marketing drive – what are you trying to achieve from social media?

    Here’s some examples;
  • Build mailing list
  • Promote membership site
  • Book more clients
  • eBook or lead magnet promotion
  • Course or workshop promotion
  • Drive traffic to your website or blogs.

Once you know your marketing drive, you will want to include specific call-to-actions in your social media content. Let your audience know what you want them to do in a clear and concise way. Each month your call-to-action may vary, but that’s normal…

4. Feel Inspired.
Block out preparation time before writing your content, I call mine “feel inspired time” as a prompt to do something that makes me feel great. Go somewhere or do something that makes you feel inspired to help your thought process which will naturally trigger content ideas. It’s not only a great way to clear your mind. I love going for a walk and surrounding myself with beautiful nature. Here’s a photo I took on one of my inspired walks in Leigh-on-sea, Essex.

5. Repurpose your content.
If you’ve been creating content for a while now, you’ll already have lots of valuable posts that you’ll want to get the most out of. If not, you may have some content that is shareable for the near future. Its an incredible time-saving solution and helps to maximise content that you already have. After all, so much time goes into planning content, why not make the most of the content you already have. I use SocialBee for mine and some others use MissingLettr.

How it works: Create categories in accordance with your content and create as many posts as you possibly can. It’s best to block out a quiet day with no distractions, and have your content themes in sight as trigger points. SocialBee will repost your content as many times over 12 months as you wish – that’s one way to get 12 months worth of content done – yipee!! You may decide to change the images if you’re reposting so it doesn’t look like the same post every time.

6. Make the most of your blogs.
Do you blog? If so, it’s worth taking snippets from your blog content to create social media posts, just think of the amount of posts you could make from content you’ve already got. AND if your marketing drive is to increase traffic back to your blogs and website – this is the perfect way to do it. MissingLettr comes highly recommended for setting up blog drip campaigns, it will create the posts for you over 12 months, you’ll just need to tweak them slightly and approve the posts.

Well there you have it, your social media plan for the year. I hope you found this helpful.

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With love and care,

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