February 19, 2021

Tips to Avoid Time-management Traps for Wellbeing Coaches.

Do you ever sit there and wonder where your time is being spent? Have you ever underestimated a task and have no explanation on why it took you longer then planned? I’m smiling as I’m writing this as I’ve been here MANY times and it can be mind-boggling.

So, what changed?
I started to use an app to track my time, tasks, behaviour and habits so I could change them. Don’t get me wrong, I still go over my time once in a while, but that’ll happen, some things are just out of our hands. It’s hard to change old habits but once you do you’ll soon be back to smashing through those goals.

Try these 5 easy steps to help you AVOID time-management traps (just as I did!).

1) Boundaries Are you easily persuaded? Easily distracted? For us easily distracted business owners, we need to ensure we’re super duper disciplined with our time if we want to truly achieve success. Try these simple tips:

  • Learn to say NO – OK this is a tough one to keep at, but with plenty of practice you’ll soon be unstoppable.
    Sounds silly and feels weird at first but try practicing on a friend and family or practice in front of a mirror to get used to saying it. I had to do this in a class of people once… oh my goodness can you imagine how embarrassed I was! But, I soon realised that saying “No” wasn’t that bad. It was comforting to know that I didn’t have to be rude with it.
  • Set a schedule for work, social and family time – how many times have you been tempted to join your friends for lunch during work hours?? Especially when the word GIN is mentioned (OK maybe that’s just me LOL). The point – let your friends and family know your hours. If you were working in an office as an employee they’d know that you couldn’t just take breaks as and when you wanted to, so what’s the difference?

2) Structure and Plan – Oooo I get excited at the word structure, I’m such a structure geek!

  • What does your daily routine look like? Are you someone that just shows up to work, plans on a need to basis on only and hopes for the best? Perhaps you have no plan or structure at all… how’s that working out for you?
  • Set yourself SMART goals. Make them tangible, realistic and achievable. There’s no point setting yourself a goal if there’s no real drive behind it. What’s your WHY, the emotion, the passion behind the goal? What’s it going to give you?

3) Be your own critic – As self-employed business owners, we don’t have the benefit of someone checking-in on us, holding us accountable and critiquing us so learn to ‘be your own critic’.

  • As I mentioned at the beginning of my blog, ask yourself where your time is being spent? No idea? That’s OK. My suggestion – download RescueTime or Toogl to track your daily activity.
  • Pay attention to your behaviour and habits. Are you someone that likes a cup of tea before starting a BIG task? Where’s my tea lovers at!! Yup – track that in your app, it might only be 5 minutes, but all these little 5 minutes add up.
  • Once you’ve tracked your activity, review it at the end of the week, what does it look like? What can you change? Is there anything you can stop or outsource? Could you get up earlier in the morning to focus on the most challenging tasks?

4) Social Media –

  • Social media can be a pain in the butt. Don’t get me wrong, social media is fantastic for visibility, online networking and making connections BUT how much time do we spend on it? My weekly screen report came in at 21 hours per week once – just imagine what I could of been doing with that time. My excuse is that I have about 5 social media accounts to manage per week but even so…
  • Allocate specific slots for your business page and manage personal accounts outside of working hours. Try allocating 15 minutes before you start work, 15 minutes at lunch and 15 minutes at the end of day. Not possible? Try outsourcing.
  • Social Media allows us to delegate our accounts to associates which is great if you want to kick back and allow someone else to manage and engage on your behalf.
  • Change your objective. What’s your reason for logging onto social media? Always have an objective to help you stay on track of your time i.e. I want to dedicate 15 minutes right now to engage with my audience etc…
  • Set an auto-response on your Facebook page to take the pressure of having to reply straight away.

5) Evaluate your priorities –

  • There’s nothing worse then having a specific task that you just hate doing. Perhaps it’s a challenging one that’s going to take a lot of brain power. My advice – do it first thing, make it number one on your list, you’ll soon feel the sense of achievement once you’ve completed it.
  • Determine if you’re a visual people or a paper person? Why? Once you know this, you can work out a system that you can easily stick to. If you’re like me (Miss Structure) and like to see things mapped out digitally, try an app, I love Trello, some others love apps like Asana or Todoist. If not, perhaps journaling is for you.
  • Work out a goal system, map out your priorities and set yourself timelines.

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