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Our Digital Marketing services range from building online courses, membership, sales funnels, landing pages, connecting automation, copywriting to creating digital lead magnets such as; eBooks, journals, and PDF type documents.

Prices start from £200.00



Our Email Marketing services range from email copy, email funnels, managing newsletter and email campaigns, overall email marketing management from bi-weekly reporting to managing email automations.

Prices start from £150.00, monthly retainers.



Our Social Media services range from content strategy, creating an evergreen social media system, hashtag research, writing posts in alignment with your marketing goals and ICA, creating details and scheduling to your preferred platform. The platforms we work with are: Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. We also offer Pinterest services but not content strategy. 

Prices start from £240.00, monthly retainers.



Our Design services range from creating social media graphics, Instagram grids, highlights and stories. In addition to designing portfolios, service/product flyers, workbooks and eBooks. If you have a specific requirement, I’m sure we can help you with that. Drop us an email or pop your contact details below and we’ll get in touch.

Prices vary on your requirements. For a full branding package, our prices start from £180.00.

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