February 19, 2021

Do you get stuck writing social media or blog posts? Or perhaps you’re someone that doesn’t find it fun.

This month, we’re talking about content repurposing to enable you more time freedom by saving you at least 10 hours a month. But, before we dive in, let me explain what repurposing means and the benefit it has to offer. (Don’t have time to read this? No problem, you can pin it here and come back to it later)

Content repurposing
You may have come across the following terminology before; content recycling or evergreen. Content repurposing is simply reusing all or some of your existing content across social media or blogging platforms to maximise it’s full reach. In other words, you might have some incredible social media content that you could reuse and turn into a blog or perhaps your posts didn’t quite get the reach that you expected and therefore you may want to repost it.

Tip: We have to be mindful that not everyone will see our posts due to the algorithm, so looking at ways to repurpose your content is a great way to continue to get seen.

There’s many benefits to repurposing content, let’s look at 3 key areas:

Benefit 1# – Repurposing social media content:
Firstly, let me start by saying that this is going to be a game changer and save you a heap of TIME. You don’t need to always write new content, you can simply take what you have and re-tweak it, add a new heading or throw in another key point to freshen it up.

Alternatively, try mixing it up with a new image too. Perhaps the last post didn’t work so well as the image was a little off…

Evergreen posts are a great way to drive traffic to specific call-to-actions. For example, perhaps you have an eBook, lead magnet or membership that you want to consistently promote across the entire year – having an evergreen system in place will ensure that your content is always in front of your audience without you having to even think much about it.

Benefit 2# – Repurposing Videos:
Perhaps you’re someone that vlogs, goes live frequently or you have a bunch of videos that you’d like to add to your social media or blog. By repurposing your videos whether it’s from YouTube, Zoom or a social media LIVE, you can schedule the video to go out every 2 months to get the most of it. Which in turns helps you to increase traffic, but also gives your audience an opportunity to see your video in case they missed it when it was published the first time.

Benefit 3# – Repurposing blogs;
I’ll let you into a secret… Whenever I write a new blog the first thing I do is check if I have written a social media post on the topic I’ve chosen to write about. In most cases I have, so I will simply copy the content across to a blog, tweak it where necessary and expand on the topic in more depth. This also works really well with email marketing, just simply follow the same process. Now let’s get into the juicy stuff…

Where do I start?

  • First step is to look back at your social media posts and decide what can be repurposed for another day. You might decide to copy and paste your posts over to Trello or a google doc to keep a list of content for future repurposing.
  • The same applies for your blogs, choose which ones are still relevant and either manually reschedule to share across your social media posts or set up an RSS feed which will do it for you.
  • Look at evergreen social media platforms such as; SocialBee that allows you to automate and recycle your posts & blogs as many times as you’d like across the year. Missing lettr is another great platform, which offers something similar.
  • Try using apps such as ‘Friendly’ that allow you to download your Facebook live videos from a page, personal profile or group, which will enable you to reschedule or reuse and upload to several other platforms such as; IGTV, LinkedIn and YouTube.

I hope you have found this helpful. Look out for my blog next month where I will be sharing 3 tips on how to drive more traffic back to your website.

Can’t wait till then? Join me over on my Facebook page where I will be sharing regular easy-to-follow business tips.

Otherwise, see you next month!
With love,

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