February 19, 2021

Are you someone that often gets newsletters, blogs or marketing emails pop up in your mailbox?

What’s the first impression you get when you see an email?

Did you know that it typically takes seconds to decide on whether the email is worth opening? Literally as quick as that!

What tends to be the decision maker for you when you see something for the first time, is it how it makes you feel? How it looks? Let’s think back to emails. The subject line typically is the decision maker for me, would you agree?

Here’s another fun fact for you – did you know that emails are more likely to be opened if the subject line is less than 50 characters?

I love the emoji subject lines that you see, you know the ones that you typically see from Wowcha or clothing lines. I think it adds a fun twist to your content.

What I don’t like though is constant sales, sales and sales…Whatever happened to the 80:20 rule?! I once received a sales email 5 TIMES in one day! One of the subject lines read “FINAL NOTICE” which just shouted aggressiveness to me, and I felt pretty niffed off when I opened the email to find that it was just another poor sales marketing email from the same person.

Did it make me want to buy from that person? You can guess 🙂

“If you’ve got a fantastic Subject Line but the contents stink, you’re just going to irritate the recipient. It’s like unwrapping a package with a beautiful bow that turns out to contain a box of crap. People remember that”, as Geoffrey James points out in his article “6 Ways to Get Sales Email Opened”

Something else that often catches my eye is when an email clearly has keywords that speak to me and my pain point areas, so for example, “Are you constantly trying to catch your tail?”. Perhaps I’m struggling for time that week and could really do with some quick effective tips to get me through, so the likely hood of me opening an email that addresses this stands a higher chance of being opened. Don’t you think?

It’s bit like understanding one’s mindset. Could it be that winter’s fast approaching? So, what are people going to be feeling? The summer blues, right? Perhaps school holidays have ended, so generally speaking Business Owners will be thinking what they can do to get back into a work mindset, so what can you do to write an email/newsletter that speaks to that? This is just an example but hopefully you understand where I’m going with this. Make it niche related of course 🙂

It’s good to be mindful that we typically gravitate towards things that reflect our current mood. I guess it’s a bit like picking a song or a book. Sounds crazy and massively in-depth but marketing emails can be looked at with the same theory.

Trying to create an effective subject line, blog post or heading can be tough, even I struggle with this on some days until I found this really useful app called ‘Title Generator’ generating captivating titles for you based on a specific keyword. Give it a try.

Want to know more? Here’s some more great tips when it comes to creating effective emails that will have your audience engaged:https://www.inc.com/geoffrey-james/6-ways-to-get-sales-email-opened.html. The article also provides a comprehensive list of Email SPAM Trigger Words to avoid for your email marketing.

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