April 16, 2021

Does your creativity get in your way and prevent you from taking action? Do you often get brain block, or come up against a million of other challenges?

Believe me – I 100% relate. My issue is I can get so hung up on the finer details that it takes me away from being within the creativity zone – which may then slow the completion or I totally go into procrastination. Then, before you know it the moment has gone 🙄

I’ve been doing some serious journaling this week and one thing that popped in my mind was:

“Learn to let go of the details – you don’t always need to know the details of everything, nor the timing. Sit with it and wait to respond. Trust the idea and know that it will happen when it needs to happen”. Human Design: Generator Strategy.

I hope you’re able to take something from that too {if you need it, of course}. Anyway, now for this month’s tips. Here are a few tricks to use to help spark your creativity:

👉🏻 Step 1 – Start your day with brain dumping your idea(s) into your journal or notepad (get as much out as you possibly can – the aim is to clear space in your mind). Once you’ve written it all down, leave it alone and ensure you block time to come back to it later (so you don’t forget about it!!)

Next up – start a mindful activity; go for a walk, indulge yourself with a scrumptious breakfast; participate in some meditation etc…

Surround yourself with inspiration – if you’re stuck indoors and don’t have time to go outside, open your windows and surround yourself with lots of light. Or if you’re like me – I’ll just sit there for 5 minutes and gaze into one of my crystals LOL

Next up – come back to your ideas from your journal/or notepad and prepare to make a start…

**if brain blocks occurs for you – revisit step 1**

Without overthinking it – begin your task (or whatever it is that you’re doing); get as much of it done as you possibly can, BUT leave the bits that require more thought-process or areas that need more clarity right to the last.

Why? When we’re in that creativity zone the last thing we need is to be consumed by DETAIL – nope! We just need to do our thing and be creative.

 And lastly, leave it alone for a day and sleep on it. Come back to it in the morning and touch up on what you wasn’t able to do the day before.

Block sufficient time in your day – as Creators sometimes we need more time than usual to sit with an idea and allow time for implementation.

Hope this helps. If you were able to relate, drop me a comment below 🙂

Now, go and get creating!

With love and care,

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